How To Set Up Your First Blog

Setting up your first blog is a very easy method not very hard, blogs requires that you do just a few things are such as below:

Select the right niche

This is the first and main work in blogging. Before start up a blog it is very important that you choose the right niche, as selecting the perfect and top trafficable and trending area you wish to start writing on can be very useful in getting the job done. With the right and trending niche, you can begin analyzing, making your blog successful, profitable, and you can fatham who would be your audience. These types of articles/blogs that target a particular area of writing one easy to monetize and usually have high profits. Nice blogs generally contain various advertisements, as well as affiliate links.

Pick a suitable blogging platform

Choosing the right, best and trending blogging site is very important when starting up a blog. These platforms usually with various types of features, which are there in blogging activities. One of the top and most popular accessible sites at present time in all total world is WordPress.Org. WordPress is one of the top and most popular or biggest blogging sites in all over the world. WordPress also allows all total types of bloggers to have an excellent blogging experience while designing their blogs with easily method. WordPress blogging platforms has free version, as well as the self-hosted version. Some other various types of platforms such as Blogger, Blog, Engine, Tumblr, Subtle, And Anchor CMS.

Blogging with free platform

At present time in whole world there are various types of platforms are free and most of bloggers in all over the world might want to use these free blogging platforms. However, using these open blogging platform, you would be subjected to the platforms rules, regulations, terms, and privacy policies and the platform would own your domain name. With open blogging platform, ads on your blogs might be on a specific limit or even prohibited, and sometimes in some cases, these types of platforms might put their adverts on your blog.

Blogging on self-hosted platform

There are various types of self-hosted blogging platforms in all total world that enables all total bloggers to run their blogs with their domain name. The all total types of self hosted blogging platforms, bloggers only have to keep to the web hosting some types companies rules such as, rules of companies, regulations of companies, privacy policies, terms and conditions, and follow their domain registrar. One they do that, they are in full control of every other aspect of their blog.

Create your domain name

At present time creating a domain name is very challenging work. In making your blog known, you are also to get a domain name. This domain acts as your blogs permanent address, as it is your blogs address on the internet. Your blog audience can quickly type the domain name address bar their browser with your area, and they can access your blog. You all have to purchase your domain name and continue with payment of an annual fees to renew your domain name. Therefore, you just have to think of the right domain name to use, or you can simply use the popularly recommended blue host to help you choose a suitable and trending domain name.

Select a hosting plan

A web hosting is responsible and very important for powering your site, and there are various types of web hosting plans to choose from  for your blog. Also, while purchasing your domain name, you can buy hosting at the same time. All total types of hosting packages also come at different-different prices.
Blue host is also popular and recommended in all over the world for selecting a domain plan, it is very affordable, and bloggers can get their hosting for as low price rate as $2.95 Per month, with blue host you can also get a domain name for free after signing up for an account. They have several hosting plans, which include the basic plans such as, plus plans, and pro plans. The basic idea is quite suitable for beginners, and the pro plan is ideal for bloggers with much popularity.

To get started a website with blue host platform, simply simply use the following steps such as:
1. First of all search blue host on google search.
2. Go to the blue host official website.
3. Select and choose a suitable and top hosting plan.
4. Put your domain name in the “New Domain” box (you can also get domain name suggestion from here).
5. Do your registration with complete steps.
6. Pick hosting packages, and go through the billing details. Fill the all total types of necessary and important information and complete your purchase.
7. Click on submit option.

Installing properly and working with your Blogging platform

At present time in all over the world a highly recommended and popular platform is the self hosted WordPress.Org. But some other various types of self-hosted platforms can be quite impressive for your blog. Installing your WordPress software requires to login in to your web hosting platform. I mentioned a top and most popular platform is Bluehost. The installation process of WordPress is very simple and easy, and other depending on the web hosting provider you are using. From the installation of blue host you all would have a free tour on the whole installation process.
After the successfully installation of blogging platform, you all can also start using creative designs to change your blogging website looks that you want. These types of all total platforms usually come with various types of themes such as gaming themes, airline themes, architecture themes, beauty themes, business themes, cinema themes, directory themes, educational themes, event themes, fashion themes, hospital themes, jewellery store themes, finance themes, technology themes, etc.

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