Blogging For Beginners

Blogging word is a abbreviation of word WEBLOG whose means to publish daily and ideal writing on internet. Blog is in the form of website where writer published one or more article and aware about ideas and science to the readers. The important characteristics of blog is that readers are also dialogue with writers. Blog is a digital entry door for the world digital platform. Internet completely changes our life and give a symbol to go towards modernity here first human contact –and ideas are very limited same as we send our ideas and communication to the other peoples with the medium internet. On internet from the medium of articles blogs makes a effective place .In the previous era the existence of internet change our world from the entry of internet a new medium is appear-BLOG.As in todays internet era blogs are a important medium that works like as to donate substances of personal, business ,and science. Todays time every man gets a stage to share his/her ideas, experience, and knowledge. Blog is an important part of this stage and he provide a safety method to the peoples to share his/her thinking and knowledge. Peoples used blogs to share his/her creativity and experience on online platform. This is a type of medium that provide a occasion to the peoples to share experiences of news, stories ,and other content. From coming of internet blog writing ,journaling ,and sharing of ideas is makes a important medium for the peoples.
Blog word is invented in the year 1990,when technology specialist Tim Burners lee write a note on his website “Tim Burners Lee” and after blogging keeps step on website and develops in various forms. Once time when worlds details are only included in newspapers and statement and everyone can share his/her ideas, experiences ,knowledge and creativity through this new medium named Blogging.

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What Is Blog

In the past previous decades, there has been an increasing takes place in blog across the web, currently there are many types of billions numbers of blog sites in whole world and daily millions of different -different types of blogs are coming up. Blogging also cover various types of areas and there are blogs on any topic imaginable. Some important and most significant areas such as Technology, Politics, Education, Lifestyle, Religion, Culture, Foods, Entertainment, Latest Technologies, Finance, Investing, Apps, Software, Security, Gadget, Business, Online Earning, Online Education, Health, Medical, Agriculture, Travelling, News, Entertainment, Environment, Gardening, Nature And Many More.

Typically most type of blog combine texts, videos, image and specific page links on the web, attracting readers to the blog. All total type of bloggers in whole world maintain their blogs by making blog post. These all total type of post usually updating the information on the blog, sharing data and opinion. Blogging is effortless type of platform and bloggers do not have any proper knowledge on how to operate blogs as creating many types of blogs, just requires that you login your account, write your content, and published them.

New bloggers have the need to know how blogging software works and some of the most important concepts are such as feed and archive.


Feeds our special type of software that enables reader to gain various type of access to a website. Feeds type of Software are also help all bloggers automatically search for the latest content and post about the newest and latest topic on other websites. Feeds are commonly associated with various types of social media platforms, news, services and many types of blogs. The top and most well known types of feed at present time is the RSS (Really Simple Syndication). RSS (Really Simple Syndication)provides the services of to allow users to subscribe to their favourites websites or content providers. Feeds are also found on various types of social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Feeds are very essential tools for managing and consuming large amount of digital content efficiently. Hence, users, article readers are up to date about content on various types of blowing websites.


These types of features are most important for all total types of blogging website. This types of features track of various article on blogs and these are categorized based on dates or alphabetically to enable secure access. Archives are also collections of records, documents, or other materials. These materials are such as letters, reports, photographs, recordings, and other various forms of documentation. The main work and purpose of archives is to protect and organize these materials so they can be accessed and used.

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