Top and Most Important 100 Topics for Blogging in Finance Niche

Finance word is  defined as the management of money. Many activities are included in finance such as, investing, lending, savings, forecasting, budgeting, and borrowing. Finance is also related with the management of money of Art and Science. Finance tells about how professional companies and Organizations collect and lending the money. There are many types of jobs in finance such as, investment banker, quantiative analyst, specialist financial planner, actuary portfolio manager, and specialist securities trader. From starting to at present time finance skills are also in a high and top demand and the growing of Finance sector is increasing day by day. Many students in all over the world also learn about finance to make their career and making good money. There are three types of finance such as, personal finance, corporate Finance (Business finance), public government. The study of Finance encompasses the management of money at personal, public, and corporate levels. The charge of finance if the cost of consumer credit is in amount like as  dollar. Eugene F. Fame  a nobelist laureate economic  science is also known with the name of father of finance. The origin of finance is already starts from civilization time. According to historical evidence of finance is start around in 3000 BC. The citizens that wanted to study about Finance should have eligible have passed class 12th with at least 60% of marks with an authorized education Board. High finance refers to when companies buying and investing in stocks that involve amount of money from this is known as high Finance. In this article we tell us about top searching, high trafficable, demanding, and trending topics for browsing in finance niche at present time.

  1. Management of personal finance
  2. Techniques of budgeting, saving strategies
  3. Investment portfolio diversification
  4. Stock market analysis
  5. Security of Bond and fixed income
  6. Mutual funds
  7. Exchange traded funds (efts)
  8. Retirement planning
  9. Risk management
  10. Asset allocation
  11. Finance planning for families
  12. Strategies and planning of tax
  13. E state planning
  14. Insurance products
  15. Real estate investments
  16. Cryptocurrency markets
  17. Forex trading
  18. Commodities trading
  19. Behavioral Finance
  20. Finance literacy education
  21. Finance psychology
  22. Corporate finance
  23. Finance statement analysis
  24. Valuation methods
  25. Capital budgeting
  26. Mergers and acquisitions
  27. Initial public offerings (ipos)
  28. Venture capital financing
  29. Private equity Investments
  30. Corporate governance
  31. Financial risk management
  32. Financial Regulation and compliance
  33. Banking operations
  34. Retail banking services
  35. Investment banking services
  36. Commercial banking
  37. Fiscal policy
  38. Monetary policy
  39. International Finance
  40. Trade Finance
  41. Foreign exchange markets
  42. Global capital markets
  43. Sovereign wealth funds
  44. Microfinance
  45. Financial inclusion initiatives
  46. Credit scoring and credit reporting
  47. Management of debt
  48. Strategies of debt consolidation
  49. Credit card management
  50. Peer to peer lending platform
  51. Crowd funding platforms
  52. Options of alternative Financing
  53. Financial technology (fintech)
  54. Blockchain technology in finance
  55. Artificial intelligence in finance
  56. Machine learning applications in finance
  57. Trading of high frequency
  58. Algorithmic trading
  59. Quantiative Finance
  60. Derivatives market
  61. Trading options
  62. Future contracts
  63. Swaps and forward contracts
  64. Hedging strategies
  65. Arbitrage opportunities
  66. Market micro structure
  67. Neuro economics
  68. Bounded rationality
  69. Utility theory
  70. Prospect theory
  71. Mental accounting
  72. Financial engineering
  73. Financial crisis management
  74. Government bailouts
  75. Forensic accounting
  76. Corporate fraud detection
  77. Cyber security in finance
  78. Data Analytics in finance
  79. Financial market infrastructure
  80. Securities lending and borrowing
  81. Risk assessment and management tools
  82. Pensions Funds
  83. Hedge funds
  84. Investment banks
  85. Commercial banks
  86. Central banks
  87. Financial advisors
  88. Insurance companies
  89. Reinsurance companies
  90. Market makers
  91. Dark pools
  92. Primary markets
  93. Secondary markets
  94. Capital markets
  95. Money markets
  96. Options exchanges
  97. Future exchanges
  98. Tips of budgeting
  99. Best books for personal finance
  100. Tips and tricks of Banking
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