Radio Frequency Radiation and Cell Phones

Mobile phones EMIT a type of electromagnetic radiation known as radio frequency (RF). electromagnetic radiation are a type of energy that Travels through space in the form of waves. It is called radio frequency because it’s in the same part of the electromagnetic spectrum as radio waves, which are used to transmit radio and TV signals. When we use our mobile phones, mobile phones sends and receives signals from nearby call Towers of many companies using radio frequency (RF) radiation. This allows You to all makes calls, send texts, and use mobile data. the radio frequency (RF) radiation emitted by your mobile phone is relatively low energy compared to some others forms of electromagnetic radiations like as X-rays and gamma rays.

Radio frequency (RF) radiation are non ionizing radiation, which means it does not have enough energy to remove electrons from atoms or molecules, which can damage DNA and cause cancer. However, some most research and talented scientists suggest that prolonged exposure to high levels of radio frequency radiation may have potential health effects such as an increased risk of brain cancer, and other many health related problems. To reduce your exposure to radio frequency radiation from your mobile phone, you can use a hand free device like a headphones or a Bluetooth, earbuds, earpiece, use phone speaker mode, aur simply hold the phone away from your body when making calls. The limiting amount of time you spend on your mobile phone and using it in areas with good reception can help to yours in your exposure.

While mobile phones emit radio frequency radiation as part of their normal operation, the risk to human health from the radiation is is Still being studied and its important to take precautions to minimize exposure where possible. The daily harmful effects of mobile phones radiation are such as, Headache, Fatigue, and lack of malnutrition memory problems, lack of concentration, sleeping problems, learning problems. Serious side effects of mobile phones radiations are such as, increased risk of developing cancer, up to a 400% increased risk of deadly tumors, increased heating of the brain, negative effects on a body cells, organs, tissue, and DNA, weakened of immunity system, reduce fertility. according to the lab test research done by the scientist of German , the mobile phones with the highest radiation levels at specific absorption rate (SAR) happens to be Mi A1 with 1.75 watt kilogram.

The mobile phones that specific absorption rate(SAR) is less than two watts per kilogram are radiation safe mobile phones. the mobile phones in India that has highest radiation are such as a Motorola Edge specific absorption rate (SAR) is 1.79 watt /kilogram and the other mobile phone is ZTE Axon 11 5G specific absorption rate(SAR) 1.59 watt kilogram. the airplane mode in mobile phones is a very good option to reducing the radiations. the low radiation mobile phones Samsung Galaxy S20 FE, Samsung Galaxy S8=DUOS (SM-G 955), Samsung Galaxy S10 5G(SM-G977B), Motorola Razer 5G, ZTE Blade v10- 0.13, ZTE Axon Elite- 0.17, Samsung Galaxy Note 10 5G – 0.19, Samsung Galaxy Note00- 0.21, Samsung Galaxy A80- 0.22, LG G7- 0.24.

The most radiation mobile phones are such as, Motorola edge- 1.79, ZTE Axon 11 DG- 1.59, OnePlus 6T- 1.55, Sony Xperia XA2 Plus- 1.41, Google pixel 3 XL- 1.39, Google pixel 4A- 1.37.

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