List of Top and Most 6 Mobile Manufacturing Countries in the World

The top mobile manufacturing companies of the world are manufacture, design, produce, and sales mobile devices like, smartphone, android phones, feature phones, gaming phones, and tablets. All these companies have global presence and that are known for their innovative technology and high and top, quality products. There are many top mobile manufacturing companies in whole world. Some of top mobile manufacturing companies in the world are such as, apple iPhone, Blackberry mobile phones, Samsung mobile phones, Huawei mobile phones, Xiaomi mobile phones, Oppo mobile phone, Vivo mobile phones, Plus mobile phones, etc. 

Apple iPhones are manufacture  in the United States of America (USA). Apple iPhone is  famous and popular in the world for its iPhone series, top sleek design, with powerful performance and with other user friendly interface.

Samsung mobile phones are manufacture in South Korea. Samsung mobile phones are very famous and popular mobile phones from starting to at present time. Samsung mobile phones company offers a wide range of smartphones with different budgets and preferences. The Galaxy series of Samsung is very popular and famous.

Huawei mobile phones are manufacturing in China. Huawei  mobile phones are renowed for its cutting research Technology with advanced software features and good quality features in its camera. Xiaomi mobile phones are also manufacture in China. Xiaomi mobile phones company focuses on providing high quality mobile devices at affordable prices. This mobile phone is very popular and famous for its budget. Many peoples in the world also use Xiaomi mobile phones for their personal and daily use.

OnePlus mobile phones are also manufacture in China.  The OnePlus mobile phones manufacturing facilities are located in various regions of China, where the companies produce there smartphone to be distributed globally. OnePlus mobile phones are also manufacturing in India. There are some OnePlus  mobile manufacturing plants are in India. OnePlus mobile phone company is also a subsidiary of Oppo and Vivo mobile phones. OnePlus mobile phones is known for its flagship  killer smartphones offering premium features such as, android version, RAM, ROM, best software features, and with best  camera at competitive prices.

These all mobile manufacturing companies compete fiercely in the Global,  constantly striving innovative and improve their products to meet ever the changing demands of customers. All the mobile manufacturing companies are heavily invest in research, technology, and development to stay ahead of the competition and maintain their position as  leaders in the mobile phone manufacturing industry.

In the whole world their are 4.648 Billion  total internet users at present time. It means world 60% population have  internet connection. In the comparison of all countries, china has a most mobiles and internet users.

According to the latest portfolio of (GSMA)  intelligence there are 5.16 billion mobile users in the world. In China the quantity of mobile users is more in comparison of other countries. After China in India according to december 2019 there are 502 million mobile users. In this article we tell us  about world top mobile phones manufacturing companies.

Now come we see the name of top mobile manufacturing companies in the world.

1. United States of America (USA)

United States of America the most popular and famous for its cutting  research Technology. There are many world’s top mobiles brands that are manufacture in USA such as, apple iPhone, motorola, moto G, etc. Mobile phones brands that are manufacture in USA such as:

  1. Apple Iphone Mobile Phones
  2. Motorola Moto X Mobile Phones
  3. Google Pixel Mobile Phones
  4. Red Hydrogen One Mobile Phones
  5. Fairphone Mobile Phones
  6. Unihertz Atom Mobile Phones
  7. Palm, Teracube Mobile Phones
  8. Nu Ans Neo Reloaded Mobile Phones 

2. China

China has the largest number of mobile and Internet users in the world in comparison of all countries of the world. From the proper and complete availability of essential resources used in smartphones. China is No.1 mobile phones manufacturing country in the world. You are  surprised to know about that there are 17 rare Earth materials used in produce smartphones out of which 16 materials are found in China. The mobile phone brands that are manufacture in China such as:

  1. Oneplus Mobile Phones
  2. Oppo Mobile Phones
  3. Vivo Mobile Phones
  4. Coolpad Mobile Phones
  5. Honor Mobile Phones
  6. Huawei Mobile Phones
  7. Le Eco Mobile Phones
  8. Realme Mobile Phones
  9. Xiaomi Mobile Phones
  10. Zte Mobile Phones
  11. Zuk Mobile Phones
  12. Zopo Mobile Phones
  13. Tcl Mobile Phones
  14. Tecno Mobile Phones

3. Taiwan

Taiwan is also top and most mobile manufacturing country in a whole world. Taiwan is also a birthplace of many branded mobiles companies such as acer , HTC, Asus, Zenfone. HTC mobile phones are mostly produced in Taiwan.  Mobile phone brands that are manufacture in Taiwan such as;

  1. HTC Mobile Phones
  2. Asus Mobile Phones
  3. Acer Mobile Phones
  4. Benq Mobile Phones
  5. DB Tel Mobile Phones
  6. Dopod Mobile Phones
  7. Gigabyte Technology Mobile Phones
  8. Foxconn Mobile Phones.  

4. Japan

In all over the world china is famous and popular for its Good quantity while Japan is famous and popular for its good quality. There are many cutting research Technologies are present in Japan. Many customers of the world are fully believe on the products of made in Japan. Sony is the biggest and top smartphones manufacturing company in Japan. Japan is famous and popular in the world for its xperia lines. The mobile phone brands that are manufacturer in Japan such as;

  1. Sony Mobile Phones
  2. Toshiba Mobile Phones
  3. Panasonic Mobiles Phones
  4. Hitachi Mobile Phones
  5. Mobile Phones
  6. Mitsubishi Mobile Phones
  7. Sansui Mobile Phones
  8. Casio Mobile Phones
  9. Fujitsu Mobile Phones.

5. South Korea

South Korea is known for its globally mobile leader samsung Galaxy. You are surprised to know about that there is 32% partnership of Samsung in global market. Galaxy series of Samsung mobile phones is very famous and popular in whole world.  The Mobile phone brands that are  manufacture in South Korea such as:

  1. Samsung Galaxy Mobile Phones
  2. LG (Life Good) Mobile Phones
  3. Pantech Mobile Phones
  4. KT Tech Mobile Phones

6. India

India from the reason of large middle class and more population. India is also one of the most mobile manufacturing country for many top mobile phone brands. Mobile phone brands that are manufacture in India such as:

  1. Micromax Mobile Phones
  2. HCL Mobile Phones
  3. I Ball Mobile Phones
  4. Intex Mobile Phone
  5. Videocon Mobile Phones
  6. Xolo Mobile Phones
  7. LYF Reliance Mobile Phones
  8. Jio Mobile Phones
  9. Onida Mobile Phones
  10. Spice Mobile Phones
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