List of 650+ Programming Languages Courses With Their Time Duration

Programming languages ​​are tools that humans use to give instructions to computers. These are a set of rules and syntax that allow us to write programs, which are a set of instructions that tell the computer what to do. Just as there are human languages, there are many types of programming languages, each with its own rules and uses. Programming languages ​​allow us to write software, which can range from simple programs such as calculators to complex systems such as operating systems and video games. These languages ​​are used in everything from apps on your phone to software that controls airplanes. Programming languages ​​allow us to write software, which can range from simple programs such as calculators to complex systems such as operating systems and video games. These languages ​​are used in everything from apps on your phone to software that controls airplanes.

Basically, a programming language helps translate human intentions into machine actions. When we write code in a programming language, we are basically providing a step-by-step guide for the computer to do a task. This code must be clear and precise because computers follow the instructions exactly as they are given. There are many types of programming languages, each designed for different types of tasks. For example, some languages ​​are better for web development, while others are more suitable for scientific computing or systems programming. Some popular programming languages ​​include Python, Java, C++, and JavaScript.

Programming languages ​​can be high-level or low-level. High-level languages, such as Python and Java, are closer to human languages ​​and easier to read and write. They manage the complex details of computer operations, allowing programmers to focus on solving problems. Low-level languages, such as assembly, are closer to a computer’s machine code and provide greater control over the hardware, but they are more difficult to read and write. Compilers and interpreters are special programs that translate code written in a programming language into machine code, which is a language that can be understood by the computer’s hardware. A compiler translates the entire program at once, while an interpreter translates it line by line at run time. Programming languages ​​are indispensable tools in the modern world. They allow us to harness the power of computers to automate tasks, solve complex problems, and create a vast array of digital experiences. Understanding how to use these languages ​​opens up countless opportunities in technology and many other fields. In this article we tell us about programming languages courses with their time duration .

A Word Programming Languages

S No.Programming LanguageTime Duration (hours)
1A.NET (A#/A sharp) programming language50
2A-0 System (Arithmetic Language version 0) programming language55
3A+ (A plus) programming language45
4ABAP programming language60
5ABC programming language50
6ABC ALGOL programming language55
7ACC programming language45
8Accent (Rational Synergy) programming language60
9Ace DASL (Distributed Application Specification Language) programming language50
10Action! programming language55
11ActionScript programming language60
12Actor programming language50
13Ada programming language60
14Adenine (Haystack) programming language50
15AdvPL programming language55
16Agda programming language60
17Agilent VEE (Keysight VEE) programming language45
18Agora programming language50
19AIMMS programming language55
20Aldor programming language60
21Alef programming language45
22ALF (Algebraic Logic Functional programming language)50
23ALGOL 58 programming language55
24ALGOL 60 programming language60
25ALGOL 68 programming language45
26ALGOL W programming language50
27Alice (Alice ML) programming language55
28Alma-0 programming language60
29AmbientTalk programming language45
30Amiga E programming language50
31AMOS (AMOS BASIC) programming language55
32AMPL (A Mathematical Programming Language) programming language60
33Analitik programming language45
34AngelScript programming language50
35Apache Pig programming language55
36Apex (, Inc) programming language60
37APL (A Programming Language) programming language45
38App Inventor for Android’s visual block language (MIT App Inventor) programming language50
39AppleScript programming language55
40APT (Automatically Programmed Tool) programming language60
41Arc programming language45
42ARexx programming language50
43Argus programming language55
44Assembly language (ASM) programming language60
45AutoHotkey programming language45
46AutoIt programming language50
47AutoLISP / Visual LISP programming language55
48Averest programming language60
49AWK programming language45
50Axum programming language50

B Word Programming Languages

S No.Programming LanguageTime Duration (hours)
1Babbage programming language45
2Ballerina programming language50
3Bash programming language55
4BASIC programming language60
5Batch file (Windows/MS-DOS) programming language45
6bc (basic calculator) programming language50
7BCPL programming language55
8BeanShell programming language60
9Bertrand programming language45
10BETA programming language50
11BLISS programming language55
12Blockly programming language60
13BlooP programming language45
14Boo programming language50
15Boomerang programming language55
16Bosque programming language60

C Word Programming Languages

S No.Programming LanguageTime Duration (hours)
1C – ISO/IEC 9899 programming language60
2C– (C minus minus) programming language55
3C++ (C plus plus) – ISO/IEC 14882 programming language65
4C* programming language50
5C# (C sharp) – ISO/IEC 23270 programming language60
6C/AL programming language55
7Cache ObjectScript programming language60
8C Shell (csh) programming language50
9Caml programming language55
10Cayenne (Lennart Augustsson) programming language60
11CDuce programming language55
12Cecil programming language50
13CESIL (Computer Education in Schools Instruction Language) programming language60
14Céu programming language55
15Ceylon programming language50
16CFEngine programming language60
17Cg (High-Level Shader/Shading Language [HLSL]) programming language65
18Ch programming language55
19Chapel (Cascade High Productivity Language) programming language60
20Charm programming language55
21CHILL programming language50
22CHIP-8 programming language55
23ChucK programming language60
24Cilk (also Cilk++ and Cilk plus) programming language65
25Control Language programming language50
26Claire programming language55
27Clarion programming language60
28Clean programming language55
29Clipper programming language50
30CLIPS programming language60
31CLIST programming language55
32Clojure programming language50
33CLU programming language55
S No.Programming LanguageTime Duration (hours)
34CMS-2 programming language55
35COBOL – ISO/IEC 1989 programming language60
36CobolScript – COBOL Scripting language programming language65
37Cobra programming language50
38CoffeeScript programming language55
39ColdFusion programming language60
40COMAL programming language55
41COMIT programming language50
42Common Intermediate Language (CIL) programming language60
43Common Lisp (also known as with the name of CL) programming language55
44COMPASS programming language50
45Component Pascal programming language55
46Constraint Handling Rules (CHR) programming language60
47COMTRAN programming language55
48Cool programming language50
49Coq programming language55
50Coral 66 programming language60
51CorVision programming language55
52COWSEL programming language50
53CPL programming language55
54Cryptol programming language50
55Crystal programming language55
56Csound programming language60
57Cuneiform programming language55
58Curl programming language50
59Curry programming language55
60Cybil programming language50
61Cyclone programming language55
62Cypher Query Language programming language60
63Cython programming language55
64CEEMAC programming language50

D Word Programming Languages

S No.Programming LanguageTime Duration (hours)
1D programming language30
2Dart programming language40
3Darwin programming language25
4DataFlex programming language35
5Datalog programming language20
6DATATRIEVE programming language45
7dBase programming language30
8dc programming language15
9DCL (DIGITAL Command Language) programming language50
10Delphi programming language60
11DinkC programming language25
12DIBOL programming language35
13Dog programming language20
14Draco programming language30
15DRAKON programming language40
16Dylan programming language50
17DYNAMO programming language55
18DAX (Data Analysis Expressions) programming language45

E Word Programming Languages

S No.Programming LanguageTime Duration (hours)
1E programming language35
2Ease programming language40
3Easy PL/I programming language45
4EASYTRIEVE PLUS programming language50
5eC programming language30
6ECMAScript programming language60
7Edinburgh IMP programming language25
8EGL programming language35
9Eiffel programming language50
10ELAN programming language45
11Elixir programming language55
12Elm programming language40
13Emacs Lisp programming language60
14Emerald programming language35
15Epigram programming language30
16EPL (Easy Programming Language) programming language40
17Erlang programming language50
18es programming language25
19Escher programming language35
20ESPOL programming language30
21Esterel programming language45
22Etoys programming language40
23Euclid programming language55
24Euler programming language30
25Euphoria programming language50
26EusLisp Robot Programming Language programming language60
27CMS EXEC (EXEC) programming language35
28EXEC 2 programming language40
29Executable UML programming language45
30Ezhil programming language25

F Word Programming Languages

S No.Programming LanguageTime Duration (hours)
1F# (F sharp) programming language60
2F* programming language50
3Factor programming language45
4Fantom programming language40
5FAUST programming language55
6FFP programming language30
7fish programming language25
8Fjölnir programming language35
9FL programming language45
10FlagShip programming language50
11Flavors programming language40
12Flex programming language35
13Flix programming language60
14FlooP programming language30
15FLOW-MATIC (B0) programming language55
16FOCAL (Formulating On-Line Calculations in Algebraic Language/FOrmula CALculator) programming language50
17FOCUS programming language45
18FOIL programming language40
19FORMAC (FORMula MAnipulation Compiler) programming language60
20@Formula programming language35
21Forth programming language60
22Fortran – ISO/IEC 1539 programming language70
23Fortress programming language55
24FP programming language40
25FoxBase/FoxPro programming language45
26Franz Lisp programming language50
27Futhark programming language60
28F-Script programming language45

G Word Programming Languages

S No.Programming LanguageTime Duration (hours)
1Game Maker Language programming language40
2GameMonkey Script programming language30
3GAMS (General Algebraic Modeling System) programming language50
4GAP programming language45
5G-code programming language35
6GDScript (Godot) programming language60
7Genie programming language40
8GDL (Geometric Description Language) programming language45
9GEORGE programming language30
10GLSL (OpenGL Shading Language) programming language55
11GNU E programming language50
12GNU Guile (GNU Ubiquitous Intelligent Language for Extensions) programming language60
13Go programming language70
14Go! programming language45
15GOAL (Game Oriented Assembly Lisp) programming language60
16Gödel programming language35
17Golo programming language40
18GOM (Good Old Mad) programming language30
19Google Apps Script programming language50
20Gosu programming language45
21GOTRAN (IBM 1620) programming language35
22GPSS (General Purpose Simulation System) programming language55
23GraphTalk (Computer Sciences Corporation) programming language60
24GRASS programming language50
25Grasshopper programming language40
26Groovy (Apache Groovy) programming language60

H Word Programming Languages

S No.Programming LanguageTime Duration (hours)
1Hack programming language50
2HAGGIS programming language30
3HAL/S programming language40
4Halide (programming language) programming language60
5Hamilton C shell programming language35
6Harbour programming language45
7Hartmann pipelines programming language55
8Haskell programming language70
9Haxe programming language60
10Hermes programming language50
11High Level Assembly (HLA) programming language60
12HLSL programming language45
13Hollywood programming language40
14HolyC (TempleOS) programming language35
15Hop programming language55
16Hopscotch programming language30
17Hope programming language45
18Hume programming language40
19HyperTalk programming language50

I Word Programming Languages

S No.Programming LanguageTime Duration (hours)
1Io programming language40
2Icon programming language50
3IBM Basic assembly language programming language60
4IBM HAScript programming language45
5IBM Informix-4GL programming language55
6IBM RPG programming language60
7IDL programming language35
8Idris programming language60
9Inform programming language40
10ISLISP programming language45

J Word Programming Languages

S No.Programming LanguageTime Duration (hours)
1J# (J sharp) programming language50
2J++ (J plus plus) programming language55
3JADE programming language40
4Jai programming language60
5JAL programming language45
6Janus (concurrent constraint programming language) programming language60
7Janus (time-reversible computing programming language) programming language50
8JASS programming language30
9Java programming language70
10JavaFX Script programming language45
11JavaScript programming language60
12Jess programming language50
13JCL programming language40
14JEAN programming language35
15Join Java programming language55
16JOSS programming language60
17Joule programming language45
18JOVIAL programming language50
19Joy programming language40
20JScript programming language45
21JScript .NET programming language55
22Julia programming language70
23Jython programming language60

K Word Programming Languages

S No.Programming LanguageTime Duration (hours)
1K programming language60
2Kaleidoscope programming language40
3Karel programming language45
4KEE programming language50
5Kixtart programming language30
6Klerer-May System programming language35
7KIF (Knowledge Interchange Format) programming language55
8Kojo programming language45
9Kotlin programming language70
10KRC programming language60
11KRL programming language50
12KRL (KUKA Robot Language) programming language60
13KRYPTON programming language40
14KornShell (ksh) programming language50
15Kodu programming language35
16Kv (Kivy) programming language55

L Word Programming Languages

S No.Programming LanguageTime Duration (hours)
1LabVIEW programming language60
2Ladder programming language45
3LANSA programming language50
4Lasso programming language55
5Lava programming language40
6LC-3 programming language30
7Lean programming language45
8Legoscript programming language35
9Lexico programming language40
10LIL programming language50
11LilyPond programming language60
12Limbo programming language55
13Limnor programming language40
14LINC programming language50
15Lingo programming language45
16LINQ programming language60
17LIS programming language40
18LISA programming language55
19Language H programming language30
20Lisp – ISO/IEC 13816 programming language70
21Lite-C programming language50
22Lithe programming language45
23Little b programming language40
24LLL programming language35
25Logo programming language60
26Logtalk programming language55
27LotusScript programming language50
28LPC programming language45
29LSE programming language40
30LSL programming language60
31LiveCode programming language55
32LiveScript programming language50
33Lua programming language60
34Lucid programming language45
35Lustre programming language50
36LYaPAS programming language40
37Lynx programming language35

M Word Programming Languages

S No.Programming LanguageTime Duration (hours)
1M Formula language programming language45
2M2001 programming language40
3M4 programming language35
4M# programming language50
5Machine code programming language60
6MAD (Michigan Algorithm Decoder) programming language55
7MAD/I programming language40
8Magik programming language60
9Magma programming language45
10Máni programming language50
11Maple (programming language)55
12MAPPER (now part of BIS) (programming language)40
13MARK-IV (now VISION:BUILDER) (programming language)45
14Mary (programming language)35
15MATLAB (programming language)70
16MASM Microsoft Assembly x86 (programming language)60
17MATH-MATIC (programming language)45
18Maude system (programming language)50
19Maxima (see also Macsyma) (programming language)60
20Max (Max Msp – Graphical Programming Environment) (programming language)55
21MaxScript internal language 3D Studio Max (programming language)45
22Maya (MEL) (programming language)50
23MDL (programming language)45
24Mercury (programming language)60
25Mesa (programming language)40
26MHEG-5 (Interactive TV programming language) (programming language)55
27Microcode (programming language)50
28Microsoft Power Fx (programming language)45
29MIIS (programming language)40
30Milk (programming language) (programming language)35
31MIMIC (programming language)50
32Mirah (programming language)45
33Miranda (programming language)60
34MIVA Script (programming language)55
35ML (programming language)70
36Model 204 (programming language)50
37Modelica (programming language)60
38Modula (programming language)45
39Modula-2 (programming language)50
40Modula-3 (programming language)55
41Mohol (programming language)40
42MOO (programming language)60
43Mortran (programming language)45
44Mouse (programming language)50
45MPD (programming language)55
46MSL (programming language)40
47MUMPS (programming language)60
48MuPAD (programming language)55
49Mutan (programming language)45
50Mystic (programming language)50

N Word Programming Languages

S No.Programming LanguageTime Duration (hours)
1NASM (programming language)50
2Napier88 (programming language)40
3Neko (programming language)45
4Nemerle (programming language)55
5NESL (programming language)60
6Net.Data (programming language)35
7NetLogo (programming language)50
8NetRexx (programming language)45
9NewLISP (programming language)60
10NEWP (programming language)40
11Newspeak (programming language)55
12NewtonScript (programming language)50
13Nial (programming language)45
14Nickle (NITIN) (programming language)40
15Nim (programming language)60
16Nix (Systems configuration language) (programming language)55
17NPL (programming language)50
18Not eXactly C (NXC) (programming language)45
19Not Quite C (NQC) (programming language)40
20NSIS (programming language)50
21Nu (programming language)35
22NWScript (programming language)60
23NXT-G (programming language)55

O Word Programming Languages

S No.Programming LanguageTime Duration (hours)
1o:XML (programming language)40
2Oak (programming language)45
3Oberon (programming language)50
4OBJ2 (programming language)55
5Object Lisp (programming language)60
6ObjectLOGO (programming language)35
7Object REXX (programming language)40
8Object Pascal (programming language)45
9Objective-C (programming language)60
10Objective-J (programming language)50
11Obliq (programming language)55
12OCaml (programming language)70
13occam (programming language)45
14occam-p (programming language)40
15Octave (programming language)60
16OmniMark (programming language)55
17Opa (programming language)50
18Opal (programming language)45
19Open Programming Language (OPL) (programming language)50
20OpenCL (programming language)60
21OpenEdge Advanced Business Language (ABL) (programming language)55
22OpenVera (programming language)40
23OpenQASM (programming language)45
24OPS5 (programming language)50
25OptimJ (programming language)35
26Orc (programming language)60
27ORCA/Modula-2 (programming language)55
28Oriel (programming language)40
29Orwell (programming language)45
30Oxygene (programming language)50
31Oz (programming language)60

P Word Programming Languages

S No.Programming LanguageTime Duration (hours)
1P4 (programming language)60
2P” (programming language)50
3ParaSail (programming language)55
4PARI/GP (programming language)45
5Pascal – ISO 7185 (programming language)70
6Pascal Script (programming language)45
7PCASTL (programming language)40
8PCF (programming language)50
9PEARL (programming language)60
10PeopleCode (programming language)55
11Perl (programming language)60
12PDL (programming language)45
13Pharo (programming language)50
14PHP (programming language)70
15Pico (programming language)40
16Picolisp (programming language)55
17Pict (programming language)50
18Pike (programming language)60
19PILOT (programming language)45
20Pipelines (programming language)40
21Pizza (programming language)55
22PL-11 (programming language)50
23PL/0 (programming language)60
24PL/B (programming language)45
25PL/C (programming language)50
26PL/I – ISO 6160 (programming language)70
27PL/M (programming language)55
28PL/P (programming language)50
29PL/S (programming language)45
30PL/SQL (programming language)60
31PL360 (programming language)40
S No.Programming LanguageTime Duration (hours)
32PLANC (programming language)40
33Plankalkül (programming language)50
34Planner (programming language)55
35PLEX (programming language)45
36PLEXIL (programming language)40
37Plus (programming language)50
38POP-11 (programming language)60
39POP-2 (programming language)55
40PostScript (programming language)60
41PortablE (programming language)45
42POV-Ray SDL (programming language)50
43Powerhouse (programming language)55
44PowerBuilder – 4GL GUI application generator from Sybase (programming language)60
45PowerShell (programming language)70
46PPL (programming language)45
47Processing (programming language)60
48Processing.js (programming language)55
49Prograph (programming language)50
50Project Verona (programming language)40
51Prolog (programming language)70
52PROMAL (programming language)45
53Promela (programming language)50
54PROSE modeling language (programming language)55
55PROTEL (programming language)40
56ProvideX (programming language)45
57Pro*C (programming language)50
58Pure (programming language)60
59Pure Data (programming language)55
60PureScript (programming language)50
61PWCT (programming language)40
62Python (programming language)70

Q Word Programming Languages

S No.Programming LanguageTime Duration (hours)
1Q# (Microsoft programming language) (programming language)60
2Qalb (programming language)45
3Quantum Computation Language (programming language)50
4QtScript (programming language)55
5QuakeC (programming language)40
6QPL (programming language)50
7.QL (programming language)45

R Word Programming Languages

S No.Programming LanguageTime Duration (hours)
1R (programming language)70
2R++ (programming language)50
3Racket (programming language)60
4Raku (programming language)55
5RAPID (programming language)45
6Rapira (programming language)40
7Ratfiv (programming language)50
8Ratfor (programming language)45
9rc (programming language)40
10Reason (programming language)55
11REBOL (programming language)60
12Red (programming language)50
13Redcode (programming language)45
14REFAL (programming language)50
15REXX (programming language)60
16Ring (programming language)55
17ROOP (programming language)40
18RPG (programming language)70
19RPL (programming language)45
20RSL (programming language)50
21RTL/2 (programming language)40
22Ruby (programming language)70
23Rust (programming language)60

S Word Programming Languages

S No.Programming LanguageTime Duration (hours)
1S/SL programming language45
2S2 (programming language)40
3S3 (programming language)45
4SabreTalk (programming language)50
5SA-C (programming language)55
6SAIL (programming language)60
7SAKO (programming language)40
8SAS (programming language)70
9SASL (programming language)45
10Sather (programming language)50
11Sawzall programming language55
12SBL programming language45
13Scala programming language60
14Scheme programming language70
15Scilab programming language50
16Scratch programming language40
17Script.NET programming language45
18Sed programming language40
19Seed7 programming language55
20Self programming language60
21SenseTalk programming language50
22SequenceL programming language45
23Serpent programming language50
24SETL programming language55
25Short Code programming language40
26SIGNAL programming language60
27SiMPLE programming language50
28SIMPOL programming language45
29SIMSCRIPT programming language70
30Simula programming language60
31Simulink programming language55
S No.Programming LanguageTime Duration (hours)
32SISAL programming language50
33SKILL programming language60
34S-Lang (programming language)45
35SLIP programming language40
36SMALL programming language50
37Smalltalk programming language70
38SML programming language55
39Snap! programming language45
40SNOBOL (SPITBOL) programming language60
41Snowball programming language55
42SOL programming language50
43Solidity programming language60
44SOPHAEROS programming language45
45Source programming language40
46SP/k programming language50
47SPARK programming language60
48Speakeasy programming language45
49Speedcode programming language50
50SPIN programming language55
51S-PLUS (programming language)60
52SPS programming language45
53SQL programming language70
54SQR programming language55
55Squeak programming language70
56Squirrel programming language50
57SR programming language40
58Starlogo programming language50
59Stata programming language60
60Stateflow programming language55
61Strand programming language45
62Strongtalk programming language50
63Subtext programming language55
64SuperCollider programming language60
65Superplan programming language45
66SuperTalk programming language50
67Swift (Apple programming language)70
68Swift (parallel scripting language)55
69SYMPL programming language40

T Word Programming Languages

S No.Programming LanguageTime Duration (hours)
1T programming language50
2TACL programming language55
3TACPOL programming language45
4TADS (Text Adventure Development System)60
5TAL programming language50
6Tcl programming language70
7Tea programming language45
8TECO (Text Editor and Corrector)40
9TELCOMP programming language55
10TEX (Text Executive Programming Language)60
11TeX programming language70
12TIE programming language50
13TMG (TransMo Griffer), compiler-compiler45
14Toi programming language50
15Tom programming language55
16Topspeed (Clarion) programming language60
17TPU (Text Processing Utility) programming40
18Trac programming language50
19Transcript (LiveCode) programming language60
20T-SQL (Transact-SQL) programming language70
21TTCN (Tree and Tabular Combined Notation)55
22TTM programming language45
23Turing programming language70
24TUTOR (PLATO Author Language)60
25TXL programming language50
26Tynker programming language45
27TypeScript programming language70

U Word Programming Languages

S No.Programming LanguageTime Duration (hours)
1Ubercode programming language50
2UCSD Pascal programming language55
3Umple programming language45
4Unicon programming language50
5Uniface programming language60
6UNITY programming language55
7UnrealScript programming language70

V Word Programming Languages

S No.Programming LanguageTime Duration (hours)
1Vala programming language50
2Vim script programming language45
3Viper (Ethereum/Ether (ETH))60
4Visual DataFlex programming language55
5Visual DialogScript programming language50
6Visual FoxPro programming language60
7Visual J++ (Visual J plus plus)70
8Visual LISP programming language55
9Visual Objects programming language60
10Visual Prolog programming language70

W Word Programming Languages

S No.Programming LanguageTime Duration (hours)
2WebAssembly programming language60
3WebDNA programming language50
4Whiley programming language45
5Winbatch programming language50
6Wolfram Language programming language70
7Wyvern programming language55

X Word Programming Languages

S No.Programming LanguageTime Duration (hours)
1X++ (X plus plus/Microsoft Dynamics AX)60
2X10 programming language50
3X Word Programming Languages45
4xBase++ (xBase plus plus) programming language55
5XBL programming language50
6XC (targets XMOS architecture) programming language60
7xHarbour programming language55
8XL programming language50
9Xod programming language45
10Xojo programming language60
11XOTcl programming language55
12XPL programming language50
13XPL0 programming language45
14XQuery programming language60
15XSB programming language55
16XSharp (X#) programming language60
17XSLT programming language50
18Xtend programming language55

Y Word Programming Languages

S No.Programming LanguageTime Duration (hours)
1Yoix programming language50
2Yorick programming language55
3YQL programming language45

Z Word Programming Languages

S No.Programming LanguageTime Duration (hours)
1Z notation programming language60
2Z shell programming language55
3Z++ programming language50
4Zebra, ZPL, ZPL2 programming language60
5Zeno programming language50
6ZetaLisp programming language55
7Zig programming language60
8ZOPL programming language55

These all programming courses durations are approximately and may vary depending on the depth and pace of the course content.

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