How Elon Musk pronounces ‘X Æ A-12 ‘ his new son’s name

When Elon Musk and Grimes revealed their newborn son’s unique name: X Æ A-12, it caused many people curiosity and disbelief. Earlier this name was hidden in the circle, then Musk clarified the pronunciation of the name in The Joe Rogan Experience podcast. According to Musk, the name is pronounced “X Ash A Twelve”, where each element has significance.

Grimes, who is the driving force behind much of the organization’s name, further clarified the meaning of the name via Twitter. He considered ‘X’ to represent an unknown quantity, ‘Æ’ as his elven alphabet to symbolize AI, denoting love and/or artificial intelligence, and ‘A-12’ to represent the SR-71 Blackbird. Considered a gesture as an ancestor. Musk said the A-12 is his contribution, symbolizing the aircraft’s incredible capabilities as a non-violent but terrifying creature.

The A-12 Archangel, a spy plane known for its speed and stealth, reflects Musk’s admiration for technological brilliance and innovation. Grimes’ love of this aircraft, related to the song “Archangel”, adds further personal significance to the name. The exact inspiration behind the song is still unspecified, but Grimes’ previous preference for Burial’s “Archangel”, hints at a possible connection.

In addition to its linguistic complexity, X Æ A-12 reflects the couple’s bonding interest in technology, creativity, and informal expression. It is a reflection of his controversiality, which leans toward the literary and the unexpected, and represents a world where distinctions at the boundaries of the natural and the artificial, the physical and the abstract, are blurred with clarity.

In essence, the name reflects Musk and Grimes’ ideas of a future where innovation, love, and exploration intersect, sounding the limitless possibilities in human excellence and imagination.

In May 2020, musician Grimes, whose real name is Claire Bucher, and entrepreneur Elon Musk welcomed their son. The pair received attention for the unusual and showy name they chose for their baby, X Æ A-12, which they provided a breakdown of the traditional elements of their baby name.

The letter “X” represents the unknown variable, while “Æ” is synonymous with AI in its elven description, representing love and/or artificial intelligence. The word “A-12” is a nod to his favorite song Archangel, and it is a preview of his favorite aircraft, the SR-71. Elon Musk later clarified that Grimes had mistakenly written SR-17 instead of SR-71.

The tweet included emojis of crossed swords and a rat, and Grimes noted that 2020 could be interpreted as a “metal rat” in Chinese astrology as a possible interpretation, as a fan of heavy metal music might.

Despite its unusual and important components on the child’s birth certificate, there were doubts about its legality in California. The state does not allow symbols, and it was suggested that the “Æ” character could cause rejection of the certificate.

Grimes, who said she was recovering from surgery at the time, noticed a spelling mistake in the tweet that was supposed to be a deeply personal message. Elon Musk admits to making mistake in naming an airplane

Elon Musk took the discussion to another level when he noted that the baby was born on May 4, which is celebrated as “Star Wars Day” using the phrase “May the fourth (Force) be with you.” Is. This reference adds a little pop culture flavor to already unusual and attention-grabbing birth announcements.

The naming of X Æ A-12 sparked curiosity and discussion due to its unconventional components and the couple’s explanations, making it a memorable and distinctive moment in celebrity baby announcements.

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