Get Paid To Write Articles: 20+ Websites That Pay You For Writing

Getting paid to write articles is a lucrative avenue for budding writers to earn extra income while establishing their writing portfolio. Numerous websites offer compensation for submitted articles, providing a platform to showcase talent and build credibility in the writing sphere. While rates may vary, the opportunity to monetize content exists across various platforms.

Embarking on this journey necessitates starting at the grassroots level, but as one’s portfolio expands, so does the potential to command higher fees. The allure of reputable platforms lies not only in financial remuneration but also in the exposure and recognition they offer.

From niche blogs to renowned publications, the avenues for earning through writing are diverse. By tapping into these opportunities, writers can harness their creativity while reaping financial rewards. Aspiring writers should leverage these platforms to hone their craft, establish a presence, and embark on a fulfilling writing career. With dedication and persistence, the path to getting paid for writing articles is within reach.

“Websites that pay you for writing are online platforms where individuals can submit articles, essays, or other content in exchange for monetary compensation or other rewards.”

1. Listverse

Listverse offers a lucrative opportunity for writers to monetize their creativity by crafting engaging list articles. With a focus on “Top 10” lists, contributors can earn $100 for each 1,800-word piece, making it a potentially lucrative platform. The website, boasting an impressive 8.02 million monthly visitors according to SimilarWeb, provides a significant platform for writers to showcase their work.

To become a Listverse writer, one simply needs to sign up and submit their list idea for review. The key to success lies in the quality of content; writers must ensure their articles are well-researched, free from grammatical errors, and feature attention-grabbing headlines to captivate readers.

The beauty of Listverse lies in its versatility; contributors can explore a wide range of topics as long as they adhere to the Top 10 format. This flexibility allows writers to unleash their creativity and cater to diverse interests while earning a respectable income.

For aspiring writers seeking a platform to showcase their talent and get paid for their efforts, Listverse presents a promising opportunity. By delivering compelling content that resonates with audiences, writers can establish themselves as reputable contributors and potentially secure long-term writing gigs on this esteemed platform.

Listverse’s official website is This website serves as a platform for users to browse through a variety of top 10 lists covering diverse topics ranging from science and history to pop culture and entertainment. Users can also find information on how to submit their own list ideas for consideration and potential publication on the site. For the most current information and content, please visit directly.

2. Smithsonian Magazine (online)

Smithsonian Magazine offers a lucrative opportunity for freelance writers, paying up to $1,000 per article. With a substantial monthly visitor count of 9.81 million, writing for Smithsonian provides exposure to a broad audience interested in history, science, innovation, arts, and culture.

Becoming a writer for Smithsonian requires ambition and a strong portfolio. Prospective writers must submit at least three links to previous writing samples. Without compelling examples, aspiring writers are encouraged to explore other opportunities. However, if equipped with suitable samples, writers can pitch article ideas to the magazine.

The submission process entails proposing a 250-300 word idea, with the assurance that the magazine will provide necessary photography for approved articles. While the Smithsonian’s prestige may seem daunting, its acceptance of freelance submissions opens doors for ambitious writers to contribute to its esteemed platform.

In summary, writing for Smithsonian Magazine offers both financial reward and professional recognition. Ambitious writers with a passion for history, science, and culture can leverage this opportunity to showcase their talent and reach a wide audience.

Visit us today at and embark on an extraordinary journey of knowledge and inspiration.

3. HubPages

HubPages offers an enticing platform for aspiring writers seeking to monetize their content. With a user-friendly interface and a vast community of writers, HubPages allows individuals to express their passions and interests through articles on diverse topics. Writers can delve into any subject they find intriguing, offering them the freedom to explore their creativity and expertise.

Upon signing up, writers gain access to a broad audience, with HubPages boasting a substantial monthly visitor count of 3.18 million. This sizable readership provides ample opportunity for writers to garner attention and earn revenue through page views and ad clicks.

The monetization model on HubPages operates via advertisements displayed alongside articles, with writers receiving a portion of the generated revenue. While the earnings may start modestly, they can potentially grow as articles gain popularity and attract more readers. Essentially, the more engaging and captivating the content, the higher the likelihood of increased earnings.

HubPages functions akin to a collaborative blogging platform, where writers contribute their unique perspectives and insights while benefiting from the hosting services provided by the platform. This arrangement allows writers to focus primarily on content creation without the hassle of managing website infrastructure.

HubPages presents an enticing opportunity for writers to share their thoughts, experiences, and expertise with a wide audience while earning revenue through their contributions. By signing up and actively engaging with the platform, writers can harness its potential to monetize their passion for writing.

HubPages’ official website can be accessed at From this website, users can sign up for a free account, explore various articles on a wide range of topics, and learn more about the platform’s features and opportunities for writers. Additionally, the website provides resources and guidelines for writers to maximize their potential earnings and engagement on the platform. HubPages also offers a community forum where users can interact with fellow writers, ask questions, and share insights and experiences related to writing and content creation. For the most current information and updates, please visit the official HubPages website at

4. iWriter

iWriter offers a lucrative opportunity for writers to earn money by crafting articles on a variety of topics. With over 591.52K monthly visitors, it presents a platform where individuals can monetize their writing skills effectively.

The process is simple: Clients commission iWriter to generate content, covering diverse subjects like “Baking Bread” and beyond. Upon receiving requests, iWriter distributes tasks to its pool of writers, who then choose assignments based on their interests and expertise. As you ascend through the four-tier system—Standard, Premium, Elite, and Elite Plus—your earning potential increases.

Reaching the Elite Plus level signifies a significant milestone, enabling writers to command up to $40 for a 500-word article. However, earnings are not solely determined by skill level but also by the volume and quality of articles produced.

One of the platform’s key advantages is its flexibility. From the comfort of their homes, writers can accept or decline assignments according to their availability and interests. The constant influx of email requests ensures a steady stream of opportunities to generate income.

Overall, iWriter offers a dynamic platform where writers can showcase their talents, hone their craft, and earn substantial income while contributing to a diverse range of topics.

The official website typically appears among the top search results and is usually found at

5. Tuts+

Tuts+ stands out as a premier platform for writers seeking compensation for their expertise. Boasting a formidable 19.74 million monthly visitors, it offers lucrative opportunities for seasoned professionals in coding, web design, and Adobe products, among other graphic disciplines. Potential contributors should demonstrate proficiency by showcasing previous tutorial writing experience for reputable websites.

Writers can earn a commendable $200 per tutorial, with the prospect of increased compensation as they submit more content. The platform welcomes both written and video how-to tutorials, providing flexibility for creators to choose their preferred medium.

Aspiring writers keen on joining the ranks of Tuts+ contributors must exhibit a deep understanding of their subject matter, ensuring the tutorials they produce meet the platform’s high standards. Tuts+ caters to an audience hungry for comprehensive and insightful content, making it unsuitable for beginners lacking substantial experience in their chosen fields.

With its history of hosting exceptional tutorials by renowned educators, Tuts+ represents a coveted opportunity for established writers seeking to share their expertise and be compensated generously for their contributions. Aspiring contributors can sign up to become part of Tuts+’s esteemed roster, where they can showcase their skills and help educate a vast audience of eager learners.

The official website of Tuts+ can be found at

6. Income Diary

Income Diary offers an enticing opportunity for writers to earn between $100 to $200 per article by contributing content tailored to its audience of new bloggers seeking guidance on website setup, content creation, and monetization strategies. With a monthly visitor count of 303.49K, the platform presents a sizable reach for potential contributors.

While the pay is competitive, the process of getting content accepted can be challenging due to the site’s niche focus and existing similar content. Writers are advised to pitch their ideas first and await approval before investing time in full article creation. This selective approach ensures that only relevant and high-quality content aligning with the platform’s audience and objectives is published.

The key to success lies in understanding Income Diary’s target audience and tailoring content ideas accordingly. Topics that offer valuable insights into blogging, social media strategies, and online revenue generation are likely to garner attention. Once a writer’s idea is accepted, it’s a cause for celebration, given the site’s reputation as one of the top-paying platforms for freelance writers.

In summary, while writing for Income Diary can be lucrative, it requires strategic planning, insightful content ideas, and patience in navigating the submission process. For writers who can provide unique perspectives and valuable insights, Income Diary offers a rewarding avenue to showcase their expertise and earn a respectable income.

The official website of Income Diary is

7. Travel + Leisure

Travel + Leisure offers a lucrative opportunity for writers to get paid for their passion for travel and leisure. With a payment rate of $1 per word, ranging from 400 to 2,000 words per article, writers can earn substantially while sharing their experiences and insights on trip ideas, destinations, and hotels. The platform boasts a significant monthly viewership of 6.03 million visitors, indicating a broad audience base for published content.

To become a contributor, writers are encouraged to familiarize themselves with the types of articles published on Travel + Leisure’s website. Crafting high-quality pitches tailored to the platform’s preferences is essential, showcasing previous writing experience and understanding of the target audience. While competition is fierce due to the influx of submissions, the platform actively seeks fresh perspectives and engaging content.

Prospective writers can increase their chances of acceptance by conducting thorough research and adhering to submission guidelines. By emailing concise pitches to the contact page, writers may receive further instructions and guidelines if their ideas resonate with the editorial team. With approximately 95% of the articles sourced from freelance writers, aspiring contributors have a promising opportunity to showcase their talents and be compensated for their contributions on Travel + Leisure’s reputable platform.

The official website for Travel + Leisure is

8. Transitions Abroad

Transitions Abroad offers a unique opportunity for writers to share their experiences and insights on volunteering, work, living, and studying abroad. Despite its less-than-stellar aesthetics, the website boasts a substantial monthly visitor count of approximately 422.94K. Writers can earn between $50 to $150 for articles ranging from 1,250 to 2,000 words.

The site’s detailed “Travel Writer Guidelines for Submissions” provide clear instructions on what they expect from contributors. Whether you’re recounting your unforgettable study abroad escapade or revealing the practical hacks you picked up along the way, Transitions Abroad welcomes diverse perspectives.

From cautionary tales about purchasing cheap outlet plug converters to ingenious tricks like using hotel key cards as impromptu sandwich knives, the platform embraces the quirky and practical aspects of global exploration.

If you have eccentric travel anecdotes or invaluable insights gleaned from your journeys, Transitions Abroad is an excellent starting point for earning money through your writing. Don’t hesitate to sign up and share your adventures with a wide audience eager to learn from your experiences.

The official website of Transitions Abroad is

9. Back To College

Back To College offers a lucrative opportunity for writers interested in penning articles geared towards adults contemplating a return to academia. With a focus on themes vital to this demographic, such as navigating the challenges of re-entering education, the platform offers compensation starting at $55 for articles spanning 1,000 to 1,500 words.

Despite its vintage appeal, Back To College remains a popular destination, boasting an impressive monthly traffic of 386.82k visitors according to SimilarWeb data. The website’s revenue model primarily hinges on advertisements and the sale of leads to college recruiters.

Aspiring writers keen on contributing to this niche can sign up via the provided link, gaining access to a platform where sharing personal narratives about returning to college or reflections on contemplating such a decision resonate deeply. Whether recounting firsthand experiences or offering insights into the thought process behind the decision, writers have ample opportunity to engage with an audience grappling with similar questions.

In essence, Back To College stands as a beacon for individuals pondering educational pursuits later in life, while also serving as a promising avenue for writers seeking compensation for their insights and narratives within this domain.

The official website of Back To College is:

10. The Travel Writers Life

The Travel Writers Life offers an enticing opportunity for adventurous souls to blend their passion for exploration with the art of writing. Aspiring travel writers are welcomed into a community where the focus is not on generic travel anecdotes but rather on practical insights into funding one’s travels. This platform provides a refreshing perspective, delving into the nitty-gritty of earning money while globe-trotting.

Writers are encouraged to share authentic experiences of monetizing their journeys, whether through writing, photography, leading tours, or other innovative means. The emphasis lies on tangible advice and real-life anecdotes rather than fantastical tales. For instance, stories about financing a study abroad apartment by working at a landlord’s banana stand are celebrated here.

With compensation ranging from $50 to $200 for concise articles spanning 300 to 600 words, contributors can earn while sharing their valuable insights. Despite its modest traffic, with fewer than 10K monthly visitors, The Travel Writers Life offers a platform for budding travel writers to showcase their narratives and inspire others to pursue their wanderlust dreams.

For those with tales of turning travels into income-generating adventures, The Travel Writers Life beckons as a lucrative avenue to share experiences and connect with fellow explorers. Embrace the opportunity to contribute to a community where practicality meets wanderlust, and where stories of resourcefulness and ingenuity are celebrated.

11. The Matador

Matador, a well-known platform for writers, offers opportunities to get paid for your articles. Covering a broad spectrum of topics, from lifestyle and culture to family and nightlife, Matador provides a diverse canvas for writers. While the compensation ranges from $20 to $60 per article, it’s important to note that, given its immense popularity with 3.35 million monthly visitors, Matador receives a multitude of writing solicitations.

As a result, the platform may not offer substantial monetary rewards, making it an ideal starting point for aspiring writers. To embark on this journey, create a profile on Matador’s contributor page and submit your article idea. Patience is key, as the review process may take a month or two. If you don’t receive immediate feedback, don’t be disheartened; the platform handles a high volume of submissions. Keep the momentum by proposing another idea.

In the realm of prolific websites like Matador, success often hinges on perseverance and the numbers game. Fortunately, the platform provides the flexibility to explore a wide range of topics, making it an appealing space for those looking to get paid for their writing. Official website: Matador

12. A List Apart

A List Apart is a reputable platform that offers writers an opportunity to showcase their expertise in web development and related topics. With a focus on code, content, design, process, and business aspects, writers can explore various facets of website development. Articles typically range from 1,500 words, offering ample space to delve into topics comprehensively.

Aspiring writers can earn between $50 to $200 per article, depending on the quality and depth of their submissions. The website enjoys a substantial readership, with approximately 543.71K monthly visitors, indicating a strong audience base interested in web development insights and discussions.

To become a contributor, individuals can sign up and submit their pitch ideas, preferably in a Google Doc format, for review by the A List Apart team. While they may not always accept pitches on the first draft, they actively engage with writers to refine and develop ideas that align with the website’s standards and audience preferences.

For those passionate about web development and user experience, A List Apart presents an excellent opportunity to share valuable insights and stories. To get started or learn more about becoming a writer for A List Apart, interested individuals can visit the official website and reach out to the team via email.

You can find the official website of A List Apart at This platform serves as a hub for insightful articles, resources, and discussions related to web development, design, and user experience. Explore the website to discover valuable content, submission guidelines for writers, and opportunities to contribute to the community. Join the conversation and stay updated on the latest trends and insights in the ever-evolving world of web development and design. Visit today to dive into a wealth of knowledge and inspiration for web professionals.

13. Flywheel – The Layout

Flywheel’s layout for paid writing offers a streamlined approach for aspiring writers interested in WordPress-related content. The platform targets individuals with expertise in WordPress development, offering topics primarily focused on coding for WordPress websites. With a straightforward sign-up process, prospective writers can submit their credentials easily.

What sets Flywheel apart is its transparent approach to compensation. Writers receive a list of topics along with corresponding pay rates, ranging from $50 to potentially $150 per article. This structure not only provides clarity but also allows writers to choose topics that align with their interests and expertise.

The platform’s emphasis on WordPress-related content caters to a niche audience but presents lucrative opportunities for those proficient in WordPress development. Despite the niche focus, Flywheel boasts a substantial monthly visitor count of 712.64K, indicating a potentially vast readership for published articles.

For writers with a deep understanding of WordPress and coding, Flywheel stands out as one of the premier platforms offering compensation for writing. Its efficient system and clear compensation model make it an attractive option for those looking to monetize their expertise in WordPress development.

14. BootsnAll

BootsnAll offers a refreshing opportunity for travel writers to share their experiences and insights with an audience that values authentic exploration over luxury travel. With a focus on trip ideas, destinations, and travel adventures, the platform invites writers to delve into the heart of their travel experiences and inspire others to embark on meaningful journeys.

Writers have the chance to earn $50 per article, with articles typically ranging from 1,200 to 2,000 words in length. Boasting a monthly visitor count of 160.98K, the site provides ample exposure for writers looking to showcase their work in the travel niche.

Becoming a writer for BootsnAll is straightforward—interested individuals can sign up and submit their pitches following the provided article guidelines. Even if writers aren’t sure their work is ready for submission, they can utilize the “Guest Post” guide to share their articles with the audience, gaining exposure and feedback in the process.

BootsnAll stands out as an indie travel site that celebrates the essence of exploration and adventure, making it an attractive platform for travel writers seeking to share their stories and insights with like-minded individuals. It’s a valuable opportunity for writers to contribute to a community that values authentic travel experiences and storytelling.

The official website for BootsnAll is “

15. International Living

If you have a passion for exploring and sharing insights about retiring overseas, International Living offers a fantastic opportunity for you to get paid for your writing. As a contributor to their blog/newsletter (referred to as the Postcard) or monthly magazine, you can earn between $75 and $400 for your articles.

The Postcard welcomes articles covering various aspects of retiring abroad, such as the cost of living, different locations, and overall experiences. Share your inspirational stories about retiring in your dream location to captivate the audience. For keyword inspiration, you can use SEMrush to identify popular topics.

The compensation for your contributions is impressive, with accepted Postcard articles valued at around $75. If you aim for the monthly magazine, you can earn $250 for a 840-word piece and $400 for a 1,400-word article. Topics that delve into how your finances extend further in other countries and the resulting impacts on healthcare and lifestyle are particularly sought after.

To become a writer for International Living, simply sign up on their official website using the following link:

If you’ve ever dreamt of retiring in a small tropical paradise or a cooler destination, consider making your passion for writing about these experiences a source of income through one of the websites that pay you for writing.

16. Cracked

Looking to turn your knack for humor into cash? Look no further than Cracked, the go-to platform where you can get paid to tickle funny bones. With a staggering 19.24 million monthly visitors, Cracked offers a massive audience for your witty musings. What sets Cracked apart is its openness to fresh voices, making it an ideal starting point for aspiring writers. Whether it’s crafting quirky listicles like “26 Ridiculous Celebrity Conspiracy Theories” or designing humorous graphics for their social media channels, there’s ample room for your creative flair.

Signing up is a breeze; simply head to their official website at and register as a writer. Embrace your sarcastic or satirical writing style and dive into the uproarious world of Cracked. With payouts ranging from $100 to $200 per article, your comedic talents can translate into tangible earnings. Whether you’re a seasoned wordsmith or a budding humorist, Cracked welcomes all contributions.

So, if you’re ready to transform your pop culture observations into cold, hard cash, don’t miss out on the opportunity to write for Cracked. Join their roster of witty wordsmiths today and let your comedic genius shine!

17. Photodoto

Photodoto presents a lucrative opportunity for photography enthusiasts to get paid for sharing their insights and experiences. With a substantial monthly visitor count of 151.96K, this platform is a promising space for writers interested in the art of photography.

Photodoto is an inclusive platform, welcoming diverse content within the broad category of photography. Whether you’ve dabbled in stock photography, captured memorable moments, or mastered post-production techniques, your unique perspective is valued here.

Writers stand to earn approximately $50 per article, although specific details are not listed. The straightforward process of becoming a writer involves signing up on their website, opening doors for creative minds to contribute and get compensated for their efforts.

The beauty of photography is its universality—almost everyone has a story, lesson, or inspiration to share. Photodoto encourages submissions covering Photography Inspiration, Tips, Gear, or post-production experiences. Their enthusiasm for pitch ideas makes it an ideal platform for aspiring writers to showcase their talents.

Don’t miss the shot to contribute to Photodoto; seize the opportunity to share your photography journey and insights. Visit their official website at and sign up to start your writing adventure in the captivating world of photography.

18. The Dollar Stretcher

The Dollar Stretcher offers a lucrative opportunity for writers to share their expertise and get paid for contributing valuable content. As a personal finance website dedicated to helping people save time and money, they welcome articles that focus on specific, inventive, and creative ways to stretch your dollar.

With a competitive pay rate of $0.10 per word for articles ranging from 500-700 words, writers can earn a decent income by providing insightful tips and strategies. The site’s longevity since January 1998 underscores its credibility and commitment to delivering quality content.

Prospective writers can become contributors by signing up on their platform, and it’s essential to note the site’s preference for niche topics. Rather than generic pitches like “7 ways to save on groceries,” they encourage specificity, such as “7 ways to save money on ground beef.” This approach ensures that the content remains fresh and resonates with their audience.

Given the extensive archive of money-saving articles on The Dollar Stretcher, writers should be prepared to submit unique and innovative ideas. If an initial pitch doesn’t receive a response, it’s advisable to reattempt with a more creative angle, as the site may already have similar content.

In summary, The Dollar Stretcher provides a fantastic opportunity for writers to contribute to a well-established platform, share their money-saving insights, and get compensated for their valuable contributions.

For official information and the opportunity to become a writer for The Dollar Stretcher, please visit their website at

19. Curby

Curby offers a fantastic opportunity for writers passionate about DIY home improvement and interior design projects to monetize their expertise. With a thriving community of over 271,000 monthly visitors, Curby has established itself as a go-to platform for inspiration and advice in the realm of home improvement.

What sets Curby apart is its origin as a personal journey, evolving into a vibrant hub where individuals share their experiences and ideas. Aspiring writers can tap into this community by pitching their unique home improvement projects, showcasing their creativity and knowledge.

The earning potential on Curby is promising, with writers having the flexibility to set their price. While the average payment per article is around $50, exceptional content or niche expertise could potentially yield higher returns.

For those eager to join the ranks of Curby’s contributors, the process is straightforward. Simply sign up and start pitching your ideas. Whether it’s a groundbreaking renovation technique or innovative interior design concept, Curby provides a platform to showcase your talents and get compensated for your contributions.

So, if you’re ready to share your passion for DIY home improvement with a captivated audience and earn money doing what you love, Curby is the perfect place to start your writing journey. Dive in, pitch your ideas, and inspire others with your creativity and expertise!

To explore writing opportunities and contribute to Curby, visit their official website and sign up: Curby Official Website

20. Blog Paws

If you’re passionate about pets and love sharing your experiences, Blog Paws is an excellent platform that pays writers for articles on the life of a pet owner. They focus on creating connections among pet owners through their website and social media channels. With a monthly visitor count of less than 10,000, Blog Paws offers a niche space for pet enthusiasts to contribute and get paid for their writing.

Writers can explore various topics such as pet care tips, hacks, heartwarming pet stories, and more. The site not only celebrates the joys of pet ownership but also serves a greater purpose by facilitating connections between animal shelters/rescues and potential adopters.

For those who can’t resist gushing about the joys of being a pet owner, Blog Paws provides an opportunity to turn that passion into profit, offering $75 per article. This distinguishes it from other websites that predominantly cater to topics like web development or travel.

To join the community of writers at Blog Paws, interested individuals can easily sign up on their website. By contributing engaging and insightful content, writers can play a role in guiding fellow pet owners through the nuances of life with pets while also supporting animal shelters and rescues. If you’re ready to share your love for pets and earn money doing so, Blog Paws is a perfect addition to your list of websites that pay for writing in 2018.

For information on how to become a writer for Blog Paws and to sign up, please visit their official website: Blog Paws

Consider Writing For Your Own Blog

Embarking on the journey of starting your own blog can be a rewarding venture, blending your passion for writing with the potential to generate income from day one. To kickstart your blogging success, begin by choosing a niche that aligns with your interests and expertise. Select a memorable domain name and set up your website using user-friendly platforms like WordPress. Craft engaging and valuable content that resonates with your target audience, incorporating SEO strategies to enhance visibility.

Monetize your blog from the outset by exploring avenues like affiliate marketing, sponsored posts, and selling digital products. Leverage social media platforms to promote your blog and drive traffic. Engage with your audience through comments and feedback, building a community around your content.

By establishing your blog as a go-to resource in your chosen niche, you not only showcase your writing prowess but also create a sustainable source of income. Take the leap into the world of blogging, turning your creative expressions into a lucrative venture that puts you in control.

Get Paid To Write Articles – Our Thoughts

Getting paid to write articles is a fantastic opportunity for freelancers and side-hustlers alike. Our blueprint highlights the ease of earning extra income through websites that value quality content. Many platforms offer lucrative payouts, ranging from $50 to $150 per article, even for beginners. By consistently writing just one article per day for a month, you can potentially make $3,000. These websites often have straightforward criteria for contributing writers, making it accessible for anyone passionate about writing. It’s a great way to monetize your writing skills and create a steady stream of income. So, if you enjoy expressing your thoughts through words, exploring these platforms can open doors to a rewarding and profitable writing journey. Happy writing and earning!

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