Air Pollution And Its Control

The size of human population has grown enormously over the previous 100 years. The increase of population means increasing demand for electricity, homes, water , food, roads,  automobiles  and various types of other commodities. The increasing demand are also exerting tremendous pressure on many types of natural resources are also contributing to many types of pollution such as Air Pollution, Biological Pollution, Chemical Pollution, Dust Pollution, Eutrophication Nutrients Pollution, Food Pollution, Ground Water Pollution, Hazardous Waste Pollution, Industrial Pollution, Jet Fuel Pollution, Light Pollution, Marine Pollution, Oil Pollution, Plastic Pollution, Radioactive Pollution, Soil Pollution, Thermal Pollution, Urban Pollution, Vehicle Pollution, Yellow Dust Pollution, Zinc Pollution. There is a need to decrease the various types of pollution.

Pollution is a type of undesirable change in chemical, biological, and physical characteristic of Air, land and water. The agents that brings about like as an undesirable change are called pollutants. In the year of 1986, the Government of India passed an (Environment protection Act ) to control the environmental pollution and improve or protect the quality of our whole country environment (Air and Water and Soil). In all over the whole world the all human beings, plants, animals and all total living beings are also dependent on our air for our respiratory and other varies types of needs.

In all total world many types of air pollutants cause various types of injuries to all a living beings and organisms. The air pollutants reduce growth and yield of many types of crops and cause premature death of many plants. Many types of air pollutants are also affect the respiratory system of various types of humans and animals. Many types of harmful air pollution effects depend on the concentration of pollutants, time period of exposure and the organisms.

In many industrial plants like smokestacks of thermal power plants, smelters and other varies types of industries release particulate and gaseous air pollutants together with many types of harmful gases like such as oxygen, nitrogen and other many types of gases. The pollutants are must be separated from filtration and out before releasing the harmful cases into the atmosphere.

In whole world there are various types of methods of removing particulate matter. The top and most method that is using more is electrostatic precipitator . The electrostatic precipitator removes 99 percent of particulate matter present in the exhaust from thermal power plant. There are electrodes wires in electrostatic precipitator that are maintained at several thousands of volts a Corona is produced from this that release electrons. The electrons that are attached to many dust particles giving them a net negative charge. The collecting types of plates are grounded and their main work to attract the charged dust particles. The velocity of air must be low enough between the plates to allow the dust to fall. There is use of scrubbers to remove many types of gases such as Sulphur dioxide.  From the scrubber the exhaust is passed through a spray of water or lime. We all have realized the dangers of particular matter that are very very small and are not removed by these precipitators.

According to the central pollution control board (CPCB). particulate size 2. 5 micrometers (mm) or less in diameter (p.m 2. 5) these types of harmful particles are cause many harmful loss for human health. These all types of fine particulates can be inhaled deep into the lungs and can cause breathing and respiratory, symptoms, irritation, inflammation and damage of the lungs and premature death.
In the whole world in many countries the use of automobiles is increasing day by day. Every day in whole world many peoples purchases many types of vehicles. At present time in all over world a main cause for atmospheric pollution in more population cities. The increasing number of vehicles in countries, States, cities and streets from this the air pollution is more affected. The pollution is also controlled by the proper maintenance of automobiles along with the use of good quality lead free fuel such as lead free petrol and lead free diesel.

Many types of tools that are used in automobiles to reduce pollution such as catalytic converters their expensive metals named as Platinum -Palladium and rhodium are also used as catalyst, are fitted in all total vehicles in whole world for reducing emission of poisonous and other various types of harmful gases particles and substances. The exhaust passed through the catalytic converter, the inburnt hydrocarbons are converted into carbon dioxide and Nitrogen gas respectively.

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