Advantages and Disadvantages of Cyber Security

Cybersecurity  is made from two words cyber+ security Where cyber word signifies to the internet and security word refers the means of protection of Cyber. the Human Personal, professional ,occupational, social and working places are ruled and controlled by internet. All is surrounded by the internet. The internet never ending because it is very essential and important to Daily basis in human life style. Now at present time in digital era, we do not imagine anything without internet. The advancement of Technology make Its easy and faster day by day. In this article with tell us about advantages and disadvantages of cyber security.

Advantages of Cybersecurity

1. Data safety from hackers : Security is prepared and designed by the purpose of to reduce the chance of data breaches against cyber thefts and cyber criminals. Cybersecurity also use firewall, web server and access control techniques and DLP like tools methods for protection. Cyber security also restrict resources access based on the users works and powers or network connection.

2. Reduce computer crash: When the users working together with technology the users are also deals with many types of harmful attacks that may freezing screens and computer crashes results are happen. From which the life of users working with tough designs at risk. These type of problems can only be decreasing by cyber security and lower hindrance of working with good technology.

3. Protector deletion and detection of unwanted and harmful programs: Cyber security plays a important role in to protect deletion and detection of unwanted and harmful programs. Cyber security not only works on current files but also work on scans and detect problems in the system, files, network and application before installation. Cyber security also detect spyware, malware or viruses, in the files immediately takes action by deleting them to remove any threat to the system.

4. Assistant remote working: Cyber security also helps Analytics strategies and sensitive data from hacking and leaking while some organization or business uses multiple remote control models for their work flows. After COVID-19 it became more popular where 52% to 80% of workers work from houses / homes with their personal and professional devices wi-Fi and IoT .In cyber security there are some developed Technologies that their protects from their low level.

5. Protect Reputation of Business: Every organization have a primary strategy to win the trust of the customer but the data breaches weaken the complete effort and bond of trust. Many types of examples have proved data breaches have badly spoiled the reputation of business because after the attack they are also failed to get the customer trust needed to strength brand loyalty. Many organization use some types of Technology like Network security and cloud security to avoid from these sudden setbacks in the system and strength the security.

6. Protection of Identity theft: Cyber security also help in to prevent identity by thwarting attempts to steal personal information such as social security numbers. credit card, debit card details, and login credentials through robust authentication, mechanism, encryption process, organization can safeguard individuals identities from being compromised or misused for fraudulent activities. Protecting against identity theft not only protects individuals financial assets but also protects their reputation and piece of mind.

7. Protection of Intellectual Property: Cyber security plays a significant role in protection of intellectual property assets including patents, trade secrets, and proprietary technologies by the implementing of access controls, encryption techniques, and threats detection mechanism, organization can prevent unauthorized individuals or entities from stealing or misappearing valuable IP. Protection of intellectual property is essential for maintaining competitiveness and sustaining innovation in today at present digital time.

8. Mitigation of Downtime: Cyber security also helpful in to measures, minimize the risk of downtime caused by Malware infection distributed Denial of Service (DOS) attacks, and other type of cyber threats by protectively identifying and addressing in their IT infrastructure business can ensure interrupted operations and maintain productivity level.

9. Protection against Financial Losses: Cyber security effective security strategies are help in business to decrease financial losses associated with cyber attacks by protect against threats such as spyware, ransomware, phishing attacks, and fraudulent activities companies can avoid substantial monetary damages including extortion payments, regulatory fines and legal fees. Investing in cyber security technologies training organization can save significant sum of money for a long time of period.

10. Protection against Data Breaches: Security protects sensitive data and information from unauthorized access. Decreasing the risk of data breaches. In this personal data, finance records, and proprietary business information are included. By the use of best security protocols organization can maintain the confidentiality and integrity of their data and prevents /stops costly breaches that could damage their reputation and bottom line.

11. Decrease data theft hazard: Cyber security place a significant and important role in to decrease data theft hazard. The main advantage of cyber security is that it decrease and prevents and unauthorized and malicious user access to the system /device. This type of protocol to implement by the purpose of to prevent data theft and its also makes the experience beneficiary.

12. Privacy Protection: Today at present time in digital era privacy is also a fundamental human right and cyber security plays a very significant and important role to protect individuals privacy in the digital realm. Moreover with the proliferation of data collection and surveillance technologies protecting personal information from authorized types of access and exploitation is more critical than ever cyber security in encompasses various types of measures such as data encryption, anonymization, and access controls to protect sensitive data and information from prying eyes Moreover privacy enhancing technologies such as Virtual Private Network (VPN) and anonymous browsing tools helps individuals, to maintain their privacy policy online.

Disadvantage of Cyber Security

1. Highly cost: One of the main drawbacks of cyber security is high cost implementing measures of robust cyber security can be expensive especially for small professional resources. In which adoption of hardware and software are included. The cost of recovering from any type of cyber attack can also be expensive it also making a considerable financial burden for many many organization and companies.

2. False Sense of Data: Cyber security protects from many cyber attacks but this statement is not completely true/right because many hackers are finding new methods to hack the system. At present time the hackers are intelligent and defending new methods to hack the system and hurt the data and information. So it is a false to said that the cybersecurity system is completely right.

3. Evolution of Cyber Threats: At present time in digital era the hackers are more intelligent the hackers are continuously finding new types of methods to hack the system. It’s like as a playing game in which the intelligent players keep changing the rules to make it harder for you to win. This means business have to keep update their security measures and protection to stay ahead of the hackers and protect themselves

4. Cybersecurity Talent Shortage: There are not more enough peoples who are know about how to keep Digital information safe from hackers. It’s like as trying to find a special kind of player who knows all that total secret to protect your system but this types of players are not present more. This makes it really hard for business to find and keep the right person who can help them safe online. If any company wants to hire someone to protect their computer system it can be very tough to find someone who good at it because there are not many peoples with those skills available.

5.Legal and Reputational Risk: In this situation if your cyber security fails and hackers completely get into your system it also can be really bad for your company and Organization. Not only could you get in trouble with the law and have to pay fines, but people might also stop believing you. It’s like if you promised to keep a secret safe but accidentally told everyone ruining your reputation. So when a company security is breached, it not just about fixing the problem they also have to deal with the fallout, like losing customers are facing lowsuits.

6. Privacy Concerns: Many types of cyber security measures such as a data monitoring, surveillance and Information sharing, raise concerns about privacy and personal liberties. For example, organization may collect and analyze user data to detect suspicious activities or prevent cyber attack while these methods are intended to enhance security, they can also infringe an individual privacy rights and lead to unauthorized surveillance of data misuse.

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