60 Good and Bad Effects Of Smartphones On Our Social Lives

Overview of Smartphones

Many types of new technologies available with cellular devices and the introduction of  smartphones have become a large part of individuals lives in the past few days. In whole world all total types of smartphones have many types of capabilities, features and functions to perform many types of operations that are necessary for all individuals at any time or at any place. All total smartphone in whole world are means for all individuals to communicate each other very easily and quickly. On everyday the capabilities of all the total types of smartphones continue to grow and allow all total users in whole world to establish more information through these mediums, without using the extra work of other devices and programs. According to many types of study in whole world investigated the daily uses of smartphones by individuals in different type of age groups. There is a study on smartphone according to this study there are 13 types of question included in study of Smartphones such as daily use of smartphones in world wide, how many social media application the all smartphones users used in whole world, and how many hours the users is spent on smartphones on per day basis.

There are 20 participants in the study of smartphones. In this studies the surveyors tell that which gender of person more uses smartphone, which age group persons use how much smartphones, how much time person using smartphones and which type of smartphone applications are more used by the smartphones users. According to the result of surveys the users spend 3-5 hours on smartphones on per day basis in whole world in which 75% of users in whole world mostly use Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and other various types of gaming platforms. According to the result of study individuals in the age of 18 to 30 years of are the ones most affected in their social interactions because of the reliance on smartphones. At present time in whole world the younger age individuals use the smartphones for their communication purpose and for many types of other activities.

In the decade of 19th century in the year of 1973 on 3 April the first cellular phones was invented and used by an associate of Motorola (Goodwin) 2017 change the name. After its invention the use of smartphone increasing day by day from its capabilities, various types of functions and features and at present time smartphone is an essential item in the hands of almost every individual in whole world. All total smartphone in the whole world have the capacity /capability to access various types of application that allow many type of functions and features  such as, allow emailing, sending and receiving message to one person to another persons cell phones, accessing various types of school and work websites, all the total smartphones also allow calling system from one place to another, and also connecting on various social media platform that are very popular at present time in whole world such as, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, And Other Various Types Of Platform Such As Short Video Platforms, Long Video Platforms, Video Downloading Platforms, Video Making Platforms, Etc.

In all over the world most individuals rely on their cell phone to get through their daily plans, activities, responsibilities and other varies types of activities. Additionally cell phones have become a sole means of communication for all total individuals in whole world. Cellular phones are that type of medium from which we use to communication from the persons that are not near us.

The information of the first smartphone come around in the year of 1992 (Tweedie, 2015) changed name. All total smartphones in whole world are considered to be the combination of traditional, personal, digital assistant and cellular phone they integrated mobile phones capabilities with more common features of a hand held computer (Bell 2008). Smartphones are quite convenient for many our busy lives, because we easily send and receive a text message from one person to another person. Many types of features and functions of smartphones makes life very easier for all total individual in whole world with simple clicks and swipe all time.

Despite the many types of benefits associated with smartphones and their capabilities, features and functions to convenience our lives, it is an important question at present time how all total types of cell phones change our ability to interact socially. Cell phones affecting all individual in all total world in a good or bad way, or both.

In this study a survey for all total individual in all total world to rate their dependance on smartphones to communicate was designed and used to collect many types of information from the 18 to 55 age individual. The all total types of collected data was analyzed to determine how cell phones affect a social interactions among individuals and provide an insight on why this is happening.

30 Good effects of smartphones:

1. Communication: At present time smartphones are used to instant communication by various types of methods such as calls, texts, and messaging apps.
2. Information Access: Smartphones are also used to quick access to a vast amount of information by the help of internet.
3. Navigation: in smartphones GPS and mapping types of apps are used for directions and location tracking.
4. Productivity: There are many types of productivity tools for scheduling, reminders, and task management.
5. Education: Smartphones plays an important role to access online courses, educational apps, and e-books. After COVID-19 the use of smartphones in online education is increasing day by day.
6. Entertainment: There are various types of entertainment tools are also found in smartphones such as streaming services for movies, music, and games and other various types of functions.
7. Social Connectivity: There are various types of social connectivity applications present in smartphones such as Social media platforms for staying connected with friends and family like as Whatsapp, Instagram, Facebook and Youtube.
8. Photography: There are various types of high-quality cameras for photos and videos present in all total types of smartphones.
9. Health Monitoring: Many types of health monitoring applications present in smartphones for tracking fitness, diet, and health metrics.
10. E-commerce: From smartphones we easily do online shopping and banking related works and other various types of works.
11. Remote Work: There are various types of tools present in smartphones for remote collaboration and communication.
12. Emergency Assistance: Smartphones also provides the facilities and services to quick access to emergency services.
13. Travel Planning: From smartphones we easily booking flights, hotels, and other various types of online works, activities.
14. Translation: Smartphones also provides the facilities of language translation apps. There are many types of applications in smartphones for convert one type language in other language.
15. News Updates: Smartphones also provides the facilities and services of instant news alerts and updates.
16. File Storage: Many types of file storage options are also present in smartphones such as cloud storage for files and documents.
17. Learning: From smartphones many individuals also learn language learning and skill-building apps.
18. Finance Management: There are various types of finance, budgeting and expense tracking apps present in smartphones.
19. Creative Expression: Many smartphones applications also helps in for drawing, writing, and music creation.
20. Weather Forecasts: Smartphones also provides the up-to-date weather information.
21. Networking: There are various types of Professional networking applications present in smartphones such as LinkedIn, twitter, indeed.
22. Time Management: Timers, alarms, and stopwatch functions and other various types of applications are also present in smartphones .
23. Customization: Personalizing phone settings and apps to suit individual needs.
24. Augmented Reality: AR apps for enhanced experiences.
25. Event Planning: Many types of tools related to event planning are present in smartphones for organizing events and meetings.
26. Security: From past to at present time two-factor authentication and security apps are also present in smartphones.
27. Gaming: At present time in digital era many types of gaming platforms are also present in smartphones .
28. Customer Service: There are various types of applications present in smartphones for managing customer support and services.
29. Investment: Mobile trading and investment apps are also present in smartphones at present time.
30. Transport: Many types of Ride-sharing and public transportation apps are also present in smartphones.

30 negative/bad effects of smartphones:

1. Eye Strain: More use of smartphones can cause digital eye strain, also known as computer vision syndrome and other various types of causes.
2. Sleep Disruption: The blue light emitted by screens form the smartphones can interfere with the production of melatonin, affecting sleep quality and many other armful causes.
3. Neck and Back Pain: Poor posture while using smartphones can lead to “text neck” and other musculoskeletal issues.
4. Reduced Physical Activity: Excessive use of smartphones can contribute to a sedentary lifestyle.
5. Addiction: Smartphones can be addictive, leading to excessive use and dependency. At present time the addiction cases of smartphones are increasing day by day.
6. Mental Health Issues: More use of smartphones has been linked to anxiety, depression, and other various types of mental health problems.
7. Decreased Attention Span: Constant notifications and multitasking can reduce focus and attention span.
8. Impaired Social Skills: Overreliance on digital communication can affect face-to-face interaction skills.
9. Hearing Damage: Prolonged use of headphones at high volumes can lead to hearing loss.
10. Disrupted Relationships: Excessive smartphone use can negatively impact personal relationships.
11. Privacy Risks: Smartphones can be vulnerable to hacking, leading to privacy breaches.
12. Cyberbullying: Increased access to social media can expose users to cyberbullying.
13. Reduced Academic Performance: Distractions from smartphones can affect students’ focus and performance.
14. Financial Costs: Frequent upgrades and app purchases can be costly.
15. Radiation Exposure: Prolonged use can increase exposure to electromagnetic radiation, though its health impacts are still debated.
16. Decreased Productivity: Constant notifications and social media can reduce work efficiency.
17. Risk of Accidents: Using smartphones while driving or walking can lead to accidents.
18. Sleep Deprivation: Staying up late using smartphones can lead to chronic sleep deprivation.
19. Increased Stress Levels: Constant connectivity can contribute to stress and burnout.
20. Environmental Impact: The production and disposal of smartphones contribute to electronic waste.
21. Gastrointestinal Issues: Long periods of inactivity associated with smartphone use can contribute to digestive problems.
22. Loss of Reality: Excessive use can lead to detachment from real-world activities and responsibilities.
23. Reduced Cognitive Function: Overreliance on smartphones for information can affect memory and cognitive abilities.
24. Poor Academic Engagement: Students may be less engaged in classroom activities due to smartphone distractions.
25. Exposure to Inappropriate Content: Easy access to the internet can expose users to harmful or inappropriate content.
26. Overstimulation: Constant notifications and app usage can lead to sensory overload.
27. Reduced Patience: Instant access to information can reduce patience for slower, more deliberate processes.
28. Distraction from Nature: More use of smartphones can reduce time spent outdoors and in nature.
29. Cultural Shift: More and overuse on smartphones can causes to changes in cultural and social norms.
30. Impact on Child Development: More use of screen time on smartphones can affect the physical, mental, social development of children and other various types of harmful causes.

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